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Shared Infrastructure

Research in SCCER CREST is supported by a shared infrastructure that provides services to SCCER and other interested researchers. The infrastructure consists of three parts that

1. collect and provide the data that is necessary for the SCCER research
   (Energy Data Center),

2. run model-based assessments of policies and technological options arising from
    research in SCCER CREST and the other SCCERs (Simulation Lab),

3. provide a link between SCCER CREST and important stakeholders by disseminating
    research results to firms, regions and public administration and ensuring that
    questions and ideas resulting from day-to-day practice are taken up the SCCER's
    research activities (Knowledge Transfer Unit).


Each shared facility is directly linked to one WP while all SCCER teams have access to and can contribute to the shared facilities.



Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society and Transition
In case of questions, please contact the Management Office
In case of questions, please contact the Management Office.
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